Request and Response format

The mandatory input parameters for executing a web-service are as follows:

Parameter Description Sample value
key Merchant key provided by PayU. abcDEf
command This parameter must have name of the web-service. verify_payment
hash This parameter must contain the hash value to be calculated at your end and sha512 is the encryption method used here. ajh84ba8abvav
var1, var2, var3 ... up to var15 These are the variable parameters, whose values depend on the particular web-service. Abc

Web Service API responds back in PHP serialized string by default. The response parameters are as follows:

Parameter Description Sample value
status Status of web service call 0 if web service call failed & 1 if web service call succeeded
msg Reason String Parameter missing or token is empty or amount is empty or transaction not exists
transaction_details May or may not be returned depending on the web service being called mihpayid,request_id, bank_ref_num etc
request_id PayU Request ID for a request in a Transaction. 7800456
bank_ref_num Bank Reference Number. If bank provides after a successful action. 204519474956